Delegation Camp

Gain a deeper understanding of how delegation can be harnessed to boost the motivation of your workforce.
Whether a C-level executive in need of a brush-up or a Millennial still learning the ropes, our Delegation Camp shows how effective delegation can be harnessed to close the generational gap and boost your team’s intrinsic motivation.

Session 1: Understanding intrinsic motivation
Discuss delegation frameworks, prepare tasks based on real projects, roleplay delegation and discuss feedback
Closing the gap with Millennials and Gen-Zers
Cross-generational understanding, explanation based on feedback homework, pairwork practice
Presentation of results
Feedback on effects, pairwork review, continuity plan

Vision/Mission Retool Camp

Why is your company’s vision and mission integral to success?

A compelling vision and mission is the guiding compass that gives meaning to day-to-day tasks and orients your team toward a shared goal, thereby boosting productivity, profitability, and your company’s overall strength.

Our Retool Camp helps recalibrate or craft anew a vision and mission that resonates with your workforce, incorporating employee input to tap into their intrinsic motivation.

Step 1: Understanding your vision and mission
Present results of pre-survey(Option), vision and mission meaning, employee input (opinions, perceptions, specific points for retooling), communication plan, homework
Step 2: Formulate a guide for setting day-to-day tasks
Confirm strategies and priorities to achieve results
Formulate guidelines for setting day-to-day tasks
Step 3: Set KPIs and goals to be reflected in day-to-day tasks
Decide on concrete KPIs and goals to ensure the vision and mission is reflected in day-to-day action
Step 4: Formulate a rollout plan
Formulate a rollout plan, buddy system, continuity and PDCA plan
Finalize the rollout plan, reconfirm goals
Finalize the overall and rollout plans, reconfirm the milestone goals
Assessment and survey
Gauge the plan’s results and quantify the camp’s effects

Negotiation Skill-Up Camp

3 sessions x 2 hours each

More than a “Win-Win.”

At our Negotiation Skill-Up Camp, discover how to play to your team’s advantage, and go beyond the zero-sum game.

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