What is M-AI?

Even what might seem like small inconveniences to management can have an outsized impact on employee motivation.

When rearticulating their vision and mission and polishing their delegation and negotiation skills in the M-Map and M-Camp, many employees cite frustration with inefficient workflows and redundant tasks.

Sometimes these inefficiencies can still be fixed with changes on the workflow level. But there’s a human limit to a workforce’s resources ⁠— some issues require a certain amount of automation to reach the next level of efficiency.

Our M-AI service creates tools automate operational processes that cannot be improved with macros alone.

From demand and order forecasting to inventory allocation, our M-AI service has helped organizations streamline their operations — reducing OT, mitigating human error, reducing employee stress, improving employee satisfaction, and boosting profits.

M-AI Case Study

A step-by-step look at how Cloud AI tools enabled the allocation of time-sensitive products by delivery destination.



Employees spend a significant chunk of their workday handling the sale of time-sensitive products. Analysis of this data was used to target the AI allocation tool.



An expert in deep learning and advanced machine learning technologies will design and develop AI tools tailored to your company’s needs.


AI Modelling

Data from the hearing stage is leveraged to train a deep learning model and create a Cloud tool that outputs the optimal product volume and selling price based on product-by-product inventory volume for each destination.



The Cloud tools are put into operation. Now the company can easily obtain the optimal allocation, simply by inputting the product and inventory volume for each destination — all while using familiar CSV formats.

Before M-AI, the task took 2 hours.
Now? 10 minutes.

Our M-Camp significantly boosted motivation.

Rote tasks that used to take 2 hours can now be completed in a mere 10 minutes.
This is extra time that employees can now spend attending to extant clients and seeking out new business opportunities.

Our M-AI tools make it easier to pull together accurate proposals for their clients and provide more attentive customer service, reducing sales loss and improving profitability.

Please reach out to see how M-AI can help streamline your operations.

M-AI Program Flow

The M-AI service was developed to help organizations reach the next level of operational efficiency after successfully boosting employee motivation through M-Map and M-Camp.

Step 1: Analysis of operational hours and AI consultation
Based on hearing sessions to identify what processes occupy the most time in your company’s workflow, we will identify which tasks would benefit most from AI automation.
Step 2: Evaluate optimal approach and create AI tools 
An expert in deep learning and advanced machine learning technologies will design and develop AI tools tailored to your company’s needs.
Operational launch and fine-tuning
After having had an opportunity to use the tools in the course of your work, Mpowered supports continued refinement based on feedback from your team.

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