Unleashing "Intrinsic" Motivation, Transformating work into passion

• Employee Turnover
• Passive employees
• Generational Gap
• Communication issues
• Mental Health issues

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Unleashing Intrinsic Motivation,
Transforming work into passion

Mission Command Leadership

The catalyst for transforming corporate culture and driving internal reform

M-Map is the unparalleled diagnostic tool for identifying and quantifying the real issues and challenges your employees have in the workplace, providing the data you need to turn them into pro-active and highly productive fulfilled employees.

Are you experiencing any of the following organizational issues

Rise in Passive/low productivity Employees

Workforce Attrition Particularly for the younger generation General Dissatisfaction with the Evaluation Process

Dissatisfaction Regarding Compensation

Mental health issues

Presence Issues

Internal communication issues

Are any of your mid-level managers experiencing any of the following issues?

Passive employees

Finding it difficult to know what their team members are up to

Told their performance reviews are unfair

Their team members have time management issues

They are accused of power harassment in spite of not having any such intention.

The tasks they allocate are not finished on time and/or are below expectation

The 3 features that differentiate Mpowered!

1.Our Projects Achieve Sustainable Integration

We provide solutions that empower employees with the will and capability to adopt and sustain new habits and working styles by focusing on:

  • Employee-Centric Solution Formulation
  • Fostering Ownership and Engagement
  • Using Methodology designed for Effectiveness and Alignment

2.Results-Oriented Remuneration Aligning Incentives with Outcomes, Not Click Hours

Results-Oriented Remuneration Focused on Outcomes, Not billable hours.

  • Prioritizing Results
  • Adapting to Organizational needs
  • Taking Individual Needs Into Account

3.Cultivating Growth: A Holistic Employee-Centric Approach to Project Design for Sustainable Achievement

  • Commitment to Continuous Workforce Growth
  • Employee-Centered Project Design Philosophy
  • Holistic Integration for Skill Acquisition・Emphasis on Communication and Alignment
  • Empowerment through Employee-Centric Projects




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