Are you worried about any of the following?

Passive employees

Employees chronically unhappy with their performance review

High employee turn over rate, especially for the younger generation

Employees skipping work, slacking off, not replying to communications in a timely manner

employees unhappy with their compensation

An increase in mental health issues

M-Map: 3 Steps, 4 Years, 100% Client Retention

We help you engage your employees into answering a M-map, a questionnaire designed give them an opportunity to voice their concerns constructively

Using proprietary technology, M-map diagnoses the fundamental issues hindering your team's motivation and performance

M-map provides a "kaizen" roadmap prioritizing the actions needed to build an environment in which your employees will  proactively contribute to sustainable growth

Case Study

Company Overview:Importer (annual sales of ¥500 million yen, 14 employees)
Problem:Employees are not proactive and wait for instruction
Program:Vision/Mission Retool
Results:・Introduction of PMO tools shaved 2 hours 50 minutes off meetings
・Gained 3 new prospective clients
・Management even received letters of gratitude from employees thankful for the change
Company Overview:IT (annual sales of ¥3.4 billion, 46 employees)
Problem:Sudden spike in turnover rates compounded by a lack of cohesion in the corporate vision/mission and awareness of value provided to customers
Program:Define service value and vision/mission
Results:・Retained 5 employees who were thinking of leaving
・After project's finish, lost only one employee (Before: 19.5%, After: 2.2%)

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