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Do these concerns sound familiar?

Why are my employees unhappy? Is it their salary? Their compensation package?

I can’t gauge if my telecommuters are actually working.

We’re losing employees left and right.

Many employees are reporting job-related physical and mental health issues.

I’m not sure if my employees are satisfied with their performance reviews.

My employees never speak up during meetings.

My employees don’t understand what we want from them.

Motivation Map diagnoses solutions to these concerns in 3 steps

Quantify your team’s motivation. Visualize your next move.

Step 1: A 10-part survey and employee interviews take your team’s true pulse
Objective interviews and surveys designed to foster an awareness of your company’s value.
Our standard course 10-part survey can also be custom tailored with additional questions depending on your organization’s needs.
Step 2: Diagnose barriers to motivation
Informed by these counseling sessions, we provide objective third-party analysis and identify your team’s motivational barriers.
Step 3: M-Map report (motivation score)
We propose approaches to build on your strengths while remedying shortcomings to boost your team’s motivation, as quantified in a personalized “motivation score."

Experience the benefits of Motivation Map with the convenience of our streamlined online tool

Insight to boost your team’s motivation in 5 minutes and 13 questions

As managers, we have a bird’s eye view of our workforce.
But we can’t see inside the heads of our employees.

We developed the simplified M-Map online tool as a quick and convenient way to gauge the concerns and mentality of your employees.
After submitting a 13 multiple choice question survey, we will reach out with feedback and a motivation report within the week.
Five minutes today could make a world of difference for the future motivation of your team.

The Motivation Map Difference

Motivation Map

By very virtue of responding to the survey, employees are already reflecting and stimulating awareness change

The survey format is uniquely conducive to gauging employees’ true feelings for three reasons:

  1. As a third party, Mpowered is able to ensure the absolute anonymity of employee responses.
  2. The questions have been designed to ensure analytical validity by weeding out inconsistent responses.
  3. We earn trust by ensuring transparency of the report.

The survey addresses a medley of themes to gain a deeper understanding of your organization’s situation, spanning from day-to-day operations to generalized topics and associated behaviors.

By connecting each theme to actions, the survey makes the employee question the appropriateness of those actions, awakening them to the need for renewed awarenes

Where conventional diagnostics fail

Although there are many other diagnostic services, they share the following shortcomings:

  1. They seek answers to specific questions, rather than the employee's true feelings.
  2. Myopic analysis of each question and answer does not capture the bigger picture.
  3. Overly general questions are not conducive to identifying concrete issues, even when analyzed against stress checks.
  4. Automated analysis begets mechanical responses.

Where internal diagnostics fall short

Although companies may conduct their own surveys, these internal audits have the following pitfalls:

  1. As anonymity is not guaranteed, employees tend to provide only "safe" answers.
  2. Most companies are not experts in crafting surveys and do not ask the right questions to obtain the information they need.
  3. The questions will inevitably not be objective, but rather influenced by the internal office power dynamics surrounding the person who created the survey.


Why is M-Map necessary to create more independent, intrinsically motivated employees?


It’s important to accurately diagnose the underlying symptoms of a struggling salesforce before attempting a remedy. Managers are not always able to self-diagnose their own internal issues, and a mistaken self-diagnosis runs the following risks:


Risk 1: Wasted time and cost sunk into toothless remedies.
Risk 2: Further erosion of employee trust and motivation. (“Management doesn’t understand our concerns at all.”)
Risk 3: Wasted employee energy that further strains productivity.


How does M-Map accurately diagnose the sources of motivational decline?


There are two key points to intrinsic motivation:

As the term “intrinsic motivation” suggests, does the employee have the seed of motivation inside them?

If so, what environment will allow that seed to thrive?

M-Map takes stock of the work environment being provided by managers and identifies the conditions that can be improved to make employee motivation grow.


Drawing on a full understanding of each office ecosystem, we are able to objectively survey management and employees while providing anonymity.

We ask the relevant questions to draw out unfiltered, individual perspectives, calibrated to accurately weed out inconsistencies.

Managers can have confidence in the process and findings gleaned by the M-Map program.

"Thank You, Mpowered"

Motivation Map Success Stories

100% return client rate


(40 employees)

Sales Manager

Our salesforce had lost motivation and momentum, compounded by a lack of confidence to properly explain the value of our products to customers and a distrust of the reasoning behind management goals. By articulating a compelling vision/mission, defining our product’s unique value, and providing demand forecasting tools to facilitate goal setting, we were able to restore employee confidence and conviction in their work, rallying to achieve a 12% increase in sales.


(180 employees)

HR Manager

We were struggling to retain our young employees. M-Map identified a generational communication gap and our company culture as the root factors behind the exodus. By tailoring the management style and culture to resonate more with young employees, their motivation was boosted, improving the turnover rate 80% compared to the previous year.

IT Developer

(63 employees)


Employee frustration with excessive OT led to flagging performance and stress-related mental health issues. M-Map identified a need for retooling of the workflow and communication between management and employees. Thanks to Mpowered’s workshops, we were able to craft a remedy tailored to our company’s needs. We achieved a 68% reduction in OT hours and even retained employees who had been thinking about jumping ship.

Trading Firm

(35 employees)

Merchandise Purchasing Manager

Following an overhaul of our business model, the motivation and performance of our employees nosedived. Mpowered helped us with a project to redefine the communication and culture in our company, as well as a project to retool leadership skills. Thanks to Mpowered’s support, we were able to bring our veteran workers on board with the change, reducing turnover of our young generation and boosting productivity.

Meet the M-Map Architect

Carlo La Porta

Mpowered Sales K.K.

Managing Director
Intrinsic Motivation Architect

Carlo’s professional career is focused on selling and delivering solutions in Japan. He has worked in Japan for 32 years, within multi-national, multilingual, and multicultural organizations, and is fluent in both local and western business practices for negotiation and sales. He believes it is necessary to empower teams in order to allow them to perform at their best and established "Mpowered Sales Co., Ltd." with a commitment to improve the work-life quality of the Japanese SME workforce.

“Work should not be a constant struggle to overcome the hurdles to the motivation.”

Early on, Carlo recognized that intrinsic motivation was crucial to good teamwork and efficient results. Finding ways to foster intrinsic motivation became his passion.

He developed the Mpowered Method to help all businesspeople unleash their intrinsic motivation and lead a more rewarding work-life. Through positive change management focused on effective communication and delegation, his method encourages employees to proactively reflect on their own specific roles, take ownership and voluntary initiative instead of always waiting for orders from above.

At Mpowered Sales, he supports a diverse range of CEOs in their quest to maximize the motivation and performance, from founders worried about succession strategies to project leaders struggling to unite their teams and managers contending to retain the next generation of young talent.

Mpowerment is why we bring results, and why 100% of our clients have repeated with us.

Carlo is multilingual in Japanese, English, Italian, French, German.

A Message from Motivation Architect 

Carlo La Porta

SMEs are the life of the Japanese business landscape. Yet while Japanese firms have much to offer in terms of technology, many have struggled with cross-generational communication and the recent rise of teleworking amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

In a global era, Japan has to compete on the international stage. Competition is fierce and requires independent thought and action. If a workforce sits around waiting for marching orders from above, they will be left behind. Innovation depends on employees taking ownership and proactive initiative in their roles.

We believe that the success of a sales team largely depends on its ability to harness the power of intrinsic motivation to maximize performance. An Mpowered team not only understands its goals, but continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of your company with a focus on sustainable growth.

As workstyles evolve amid the pandemic, innovation and Kaizen* have become more important than ever before. By unleashing your team’s intrinsic motivation, you set the wheels of change in motion, until innovation and Kaizen a regular habit, allowing your company to take flight.

I am committed to creating 3.5 million happier and more proactive employees by improving the work-life quality of the Japanese SME workforce.

This is my own life’s work and my way of contributing back to Japan, the country where I have called home for over 30 years.

*Kaizen: The philosophy of continuous improvement by identifying solutions to reduce waste and maximize efficiency while ensuring maximum quality.

Gauge employee motivation with 13 straightforward questions.
Try our online M-Map tool for free.

We've developed a simplified online version of our M-Map diagnostic tool.
Take our quick 13-question online survey today and I'll follow-up with custom diagnosis of your team's motivational health within a week.
Miki Ueda
Mpowered Sales